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Roman is the leading brand in ceramic floor tiles, wall tiles, 3rd firing and its accessories. Roman being distributed nationwide by PT Satya Langgeng Sentosa and the member of Lyman Group. “Reliability and Quality is Our Business” is Lyman Group’ motto philosophy in business and it has been the core guidelines for Roman to create its high quality products. Roman has been in the market for over 30 years and is the market leader. Roman products have the reputation of being the best quality the market can find and it is focusing to serve the consumers who are looking for the design differentiation and for added value products.

Roman falls into the category 1 (as per ISO13006), in which its floor tile (with the water absorption of about 3%) is rank top among others in Indonesia. Roman floor and wall tiles are always presented with ambience concept in mind, thus offering complete tiling solution to consumers as well as professionals (architects and interior designers). Roman floor and wall tiles are produced by utilizing the latest digital technology (Digital Tecnica) achieving the best possible in term of designs, colors, textures which is not only beautiful but also sharp, colorful and trendy. Gres Technology is a standard in Roman floor tile, which ensure anexcellent bending strength, higher scratch and stain resistant.

Roman has been exported to more than 60 countries in 5 continents for over 25 years. Roman is consistently looking for new ideas and to explore creativity. At the same time, it is acquiring the latest technology to be able to offer the best to customers. In the last few years Roman has expanded its product range, by introducing RomanGranit, the rectified glazed porcelain tiles.