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Introducing RomanGranit Grande Polished Glossy (80x80 & 120x60)
Posted on September 29, 2020

RomanGranit GRANDE

Roman is always committed to create innovative, high-quality products for end users and professionals (architects, interior designers; contractors, developers, building owners) who are doing construction or renovation.

Besides of the high quality worldwide, Roman provides variety choices for design needs such as contemporary modern design, modern minimalist, modern classic, etc. through a wide selection of various designs, sizes, colors, textures, surfaces etc.

Roman introducing the new GRANDE RomanGranit, big tile size 80x80cm and 120x60cm with a stunning Polished Glossy surface, for your luxurious and impressive floor finishing needs.
As a porcelain tile, RomanGranit Grande has high bending strength (the top in the industry), very low water absorption (under half a percent), and is produced by subjecting to fires of over 1200 degrees Celsius. The result is a floor finishing product that is strong, hard, and durable.
RomanGranit Grande comes in 2 main sub categories, namely Polished Glossy Technical Porcelain and Polished Glossy Glazed Porcelain.

Polished Glossy Technical Porcelain

As a Technical Porcelain, also known as a ‘one tone Body – Surface’ color technology, recommended for higher traffic area such as commercial space purposes.  This Technical Porcelain has unique design characteristic where the granular body appears on the surface and becomes the hallmark of the design.

All products of this category are displayed in 4 unique designs collections. (all 80x80cm in size)

A homogenous concept for a minimalist theme, a design featuring granulart grains of classic fine rock particles typical of granite. dBelmont comes in 4 colors that can be combined with light and dark colors, which are dBelmont Beige GT809200HFR with dBelmont Coffee GT809201HFR, and dBelmont Gray GT809202HFR with dBelmont Black GT809203HFR.

Showing a more diverse range of granulation. dPensacola has a granular pattern that is not homogeneous on the surface, making it suitable for more dynamic interior applications. Available in 3 contemporary gray color options, dPensacola Perla GT809210HFR (light), dPensacola Grigio GT809211HFR (medium), and dPensacola Charcoal GT809212HFR (dark) which can be combined with each other to get a specific pattern on the interior floor in the room.

Features a granular design pattern inspired by granite that forms unique diagonal lines. Available in 4 color matching options: dMontello Crema GT809213HFR which can be combined with dMontello Bruno GT809216HFR, and dMontello Grigio GT809214HFR which can be combined with dMontello Scuro GT809215HFR.

Modern contemporary interior concept, with a striped and wavy design (dynamic pattern), featuring a dynamic direction of granulation grooves, creating a dynamic interior room atmosphere. Featuring 4 choices  which are dKanopolis Cream GT809204HFR paired with dKanopolis Taupe GT809206HFR and dKanopolis Bone GT809205HFR paired with dKanopolis Black GT809207HFR.

Polished Glossy Glazed Porcelain

As a Polished Glossy Glazed Porcelain category, after previously being presented in the size of 60x60cm, this time RomanGranit Grande edition has increased its size to 80x80cm and 120x60cm. The square size is suitable for the purposes of finishing the floors of luxury homes; while the rectangular one is not only suitable for floors but also for the interior and exterior walls of a residence.
Inspired by natural marble; RomanGranit Grande appears in a wide selection of designs and various colors;

dCorvin Nero 80x80: dCorvin Nero GT809400FR A marble concept with dynamic veins that will bring a luxurious and exclusive impression to the room.

dLorraine Carrara 80x80: dLorraine Carrara GT809402FR Featuring an elegant typical Italian white marble concept that reinforces the impression of luxury. Can be matches with various marbleized design.

dNaples Marfil 80x80: dNaples Marfil GT809402FR has a beige marble concept that gives a warm and natural feeling.

dChillon 80x80: This collection is available in 2 color choices that can be combined, which are dChillon Cream GT809406FR & dChillon Beige GT809407FR. A marble concept with soft vein, which creates a simple yet luxurious impression.

dCapodimonte Grigio 80x80: dCapodimonte Grigio GT809411FR A design that combines marble and stone look, for a natural and elegant feeling.

dChambord Winter 80x80: dChambord Winter GT809412FR A marble stone inspiration with diagonal vein direction, it gives a modern and minimalist impression.

dRochester Natural 80x80: dRochester Natural GT809414FR features a beige marble design that enchance the interior mood of classical modern and luxurious feel.

dLincoln Gray 80x80: dLincoln Gray GT809419FR A monumental ancient castle in England inspired an abstract gray rock motif concept, enable to bring the modern minimalist feeling for interior.

dCarlisle Beige 80x80: dCarlisle Beige GT809416FR Inspired by elegant classical centuries of marble stone, this marble design withs oft vein will bring an nice warm feeling for interior.

dSpada Naturale 120x60: dSpada Naturale GT1269420FR A stunningly unique marble design with veins that enchance the longitudinal effect, giving a unique spacious effect to the entire interior space.

dSirmione Amber 120x60: dSrimione Amber GT1269424FR has a dynamic marble design to create a luxurious and striking impression to the room.

dVisconti Avorio 120x60: dVisconti Avorio GT1269422FR An Italian beige marble design with natural effect for warm elegant interior feeling.

dCorsini Calacatta 120x60: dCorsini Calacatta GT1269426FR Distinctive Italian origin of the marble design with subtle gray strokes, create a natural and luxurious ambience for interior.

dPetersburg Gray 120x60: dPetersburg Gray GT1269428FR Russian grey marble concept with natural straight veins for a modern minimalist impression to the interior of the room.

Introducing RomanGranit Grande Polished Glossy (80x80 & 120x60)