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RomanGranit, Roman’ rectified glazed porcelain tiles, is a product that is categorized as class 1A (as per the international standard ISO13006; with the water absorption < 0.5%). It is the highest standard category within this industry.

RomanGranit are produced from the best raw materials sourced in Indonesia and from the other part of the world (Spain, Italy, etc). RomanGranit were formed at a very high pressure, fired in the temperature of more than 1200°C. The result is a product that is tough, strong and long lasting. RomanGranit offers various collections of products to choose from, that are not only good for residential application, but also excellent for commercial, institutional and other building usage.

Digital Tecnica is the latest digital technology employed in RomanGranit production process to ensure high resolution designs, attractive and contemporary look. RomanGranit available in several type of surfaces, be it matt, structured or semi-gloss / semi-matt (gloss on matt). Colored body is another feature of several RomanGranit collections that project strength and solid expression. All RomanGranit products are rectified, the result is consistent sizing which allow minimum joints during installation. RomanGranit is available in a wide range of selections and sizes.